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Temp Housing

Noriko HoComment

Quite honestly, I can't wait to move out of this place and into my real apartment.  However, the reason has nothing to do with the location or temporary apartment itself.  It's been amazing living downtown and able to walk everywhere, only have to walk about 10 min max to catch a bus to anywhere, beautiful views, etc.  However, I really miss having my own stuff (in storage until we can get into the new place), and it's never the same sleeping on a different mattress.  Nevertheless, I'm definitely trying to make the most out of it, and the rooftop area is one of those ways.  Just look at some of these views!

I'll show some pics of where I've set up and worked up there and maybe a few other things in later posts.  I'm currently trying to get some serious knitting in to get this shawl into shape.  ;o) 

Oh, and we will get to move in to the new apartment on the 30th.  So, it's really soon when I'll have my own stuff again (not to mention my real stash!).  Can't wait!