norichan knits!


Noriko HoComment

I've made it to Seattle!  I'm excited to get started here, but I'm also super worn out and still working on jet lag.  So, things have been going a little slowly.  Plans are to release Candide soon, and I finished up a swatch to start a new shawl design as I start to look for a job.  :o)  In the meantime, here's a pic of a view from my temporary housing.  

Honestly, I'm thrilled being located right downtown for the time being.  It's not an area that I would normally want to be, but knowing that it's just for the time being... I'm so happy.  There's so much to explore, and things are right at my fingertips.  

In addition, those urban giraffes (as I like to think of them) remind me of Oakland and crossing the Bay Bridge.  It reminds me of being "home," and I love that.  That said, I am still missing Austin and my friends out there.  Oh, the bittersweets of moving.