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Pattern Release: Rivoletto Mitts

Noriko HoComment

Here is my latest pattern for self publish, Rivoletto Mitts!  I love these mitts, and I hope you enjoy them, also.  

These mitts are great because they actually fit a huge range of hand sizes.  :oD  They are only about 5" circumference, unstretched, but they are so stretchy that they will actually fit up to 8" circumference after stretching.  A lot of friends in my knitting group were shocked when they were able to fit into these mitts because they look so small when sitting on the table.  

So, I did do a gauge swatch for these mitts.  Since ribbing is so hard to measure, completely unstretched most people's gauges seem the same in ribbing, but when you "lightly stretch" how much is "lightly stretched"?  I decided to do the easiest thing and do a flat swatch in stockinette stitch.  Due to the stretchy nature of this pattern, gauge is not a huge issue.  The only concern would be the difference in yardage.  If you are concerned at all, then doing a gauge swatch to see if you are within reason is a good idea.  

Rivoletto Mitts are now available for purchase on Ravelry here.