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Miniature Yarn Crawl

Noriko HoComment

As I mentioned, on our way to San Antonio, we stopped at a couple LYSs!  I love how every store is different, not just in what they carry, but how the whole atmosphere is and everything.  There's something to love about each store.  :o) 

Here are some pics from our trip:

View of the relaxing area in Lucky Ewe.

Wall o' yarn!

<3 this dresser!!

Lucky Ewe is in New Braunfels, Tx.  It's a cute, little shop with a lean towards local and indie dyed yarns.  They have a wall of only local yarns (shown), and then other out of area dyers scattered around the store.  It's always fun to glance in and see what they have, it's always changing.  :o)

The front area of Yarnivore!

So much yarn!!

These second two are from Yarnivore.  Yarnivore is located on the outskirts of San Antonio, Tx on the north end of town.  It's a lovely store that is FILLED with yarn!  The second picture only shows half of the store, the other side is a mirror image!  There's so much yarn of various sorts.  Work horse yarns, indie dyers, cotton, wool, fiber, weaving, etc.  It's a fun place, and always hard to leave without buying something.  :o)

I was surprised at myself, but I actually managed to only buy a few things.  Here are my spoils:

Anyone who knows me will say that these yarns are kinda exactly me.  Bright, bright, and... well, bright (the picture actually mutes the intensity a lot, ha!)!  :op  The neon pink on the left is from Lucky Ewe.  It is a merino wool mixed with mohair from local animals with extremely low micron count.  I normally itch like crazy near mohair, and this actually feels lovely to me!  And, I just couldn't resist neon pink.  The other two are Anzula Wash My Lace in colors that just scream to be knitted together.  I haven't fully decided what to do with any of them yet.  I'm kinda leaning towards designing things with them, but if I happen to come upon the perfect patterns, I won't say no to that.  ;o)