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Belated Valentine's

Noriko HoComment

It's been a busy time over here where I am.  I feel bad that this is almost 10 days old news!  Let's go ahead and recap:  I had a terrible few days close to Valentine's day.  My bf is out of town, work was a crazy mess, stayed late a number of days, headaches daily, and bad nights of sleep.  Oh, and I did work a full day on Valentine's Day.  Not that I minded, I don't really celebrate officially with my bf, so working it or another day is all the same.  :o)  I was coming home late again, and just expecting a hungry whiney cat.  I mean, like I said, my bf is out of town.  Anyways, to my amazement, I came home to this:

My bf had his best friend break into our apt (ok, so his best friend has a key to our place, he didn't really break in) and leave me gifts since I was having a bad day/week.  :oD  It was a great thing to come home to, and I have been snacking it since.