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Portland Trip

Noriko HoComment

I managed to make it down to Portland again.  It's one of my favorite cities to navigate, and this time I managed to make it to places I've never been before.  :o)  While I've been many times to Hawthorne, there are always new little boutiques and food carts popping up.  It was fun to get to some that I hadn't been to before.  

My friend, Marilyn, and I went to Umai for lunch to get some ramen.  It's a cute little cart area on Hawthorne; totally worth giving a try.  :o)

Marilyn also got a Ramune, the famous Japanese drink with a marble holding the carbonation in.  ;o)  

The day was lovely, warm enough to truly enjoy, but cool enough to wear light sweaters.  My perfect weather.  It's going to be interesting as the weather continues to cool off here in the PNW.  I hate wearing more than one long sleeve layer, so it looks like maybe some sweaters of various weights will be needed.  I do have a plan to get a sweater pattern started up soonish.  Hopefully, I finish that early enough to wear it in weather appropriate times!

While walking down the street, we found this display of heart shaped sunglasses!!  I was so excited that I tried to get a shot where I could show that I was wearing my heart shaped sunnies at the same time, but that was hard to get.  Haha.  

We also checked out the Hawthorne location of Sloan, one of my favorite boutiques in Portland.  I'd only ever been in the location on NW 23rd, but the Hawthorne location is also very nice, and fun to wander through.  The staff there is so friendly, and very willing to help you find anything.  Somehow they bring you dozens of outfits, despite being a small store.  

I also made room for sushi, boba, and cupcakes while I was there.  Ah, Portland, why are you so filled with delicious food??  Until next time...