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Hazel Knits Trunk Show!

Noriko Ho2 Comments

While I was extremely jealous of everyone who made it out to Rhinebeck this past weekend for the Sheep and Wool Festival (I hope to go one day!), I managed to make do by getting to work part of the Hazel Knits trunk show at The Fiber Gallery!  I stared at the pretties all day, and finally made my decision.

Squeee!!  Ta-da!!  I am going with the Artisan Sock base for all of these skeins here.  Top:  Icicle and Stick o' Butter; Left:  Totally Pink and Collegiate; and Right:  a rogue (experiment that will not be repeated).  I will be using them together in various things as I grouped them together here.  :o)  Sooooooo excited!!  I can't wait!! 

My only disappointment was that I put back these big wheels of Hoppy Blonde in her DK weight.  Le sigh.  I couldn't get everything, and I didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted to do with them.  One day, though... Lively DK in Hoppy Blonde will be mine!!  :oD  (The big wheels are not typical from her stock.  I am actually fine using the regular sized skeins, it was just tempting to not have to weave in more ends.)  ;o)