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Around the Block Legwarmers

Noriko HoComment

Omgosh!  It's so amazing when a collection that I'm a part of comes out!  I was accepted into Knit Pick's Charmed:  Whimsical Knitted Accessories collection way back in January.  It was such a surprise, but now that I'm seeing the book, I'm even more in shock to have been included in such an awesome set of designers!  I love just about every single pattern in the collection, and I don't know which one I want to knit first!  

My pattern is Around the Block legwarmers.  They're a fun and simple knit, but with pops of color, you can have a whole lot of fun mixing and matching to get a bright and cheery set as seen above.  Or go with a fall themed set, as seen below.  

I'm somewhat partial to the idea of doing a bunch of neutral colors like grays, navy, and black, then adding a stripe of bright pink!  With so many combinations, it's really hard to decide.  :o)  Best part is, they're a pretty quick knit, so you don't really have to decide.  I'm definitely making a bunch of them to keep on hand here in a variety of colors.  That way I can keep wearing my dresses into the winter here.  ;op  

I'd love to see yours!  Please share them with me!  On Ravelry in my group or on Instagram @norichanknits.  :oD