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Introducing: Viola and Cesario!

Noriko HoComment

These hats were supposed to come out two weeks ago, but life sometimes has a way of just saying "no" to things.  >.<  Still, I'm glad that things are more back to normal, and that I was able to get these hats up on Ravelry.  :o)  

Yes, Viola and Cesario are named after the characters of the same name from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.  I do realize that technically, Viola's true twin is Sebastian, but I felt that Viola and Cesario made a better match for these hats.  Don't worry, though, I have a few more plans set aside for the future for some of the other characters in Twelfth Night.  In fact, I have already created a discount for purchasing both hat patterns, as they are both going to be in my Twelfth Knits collection as the patterns start to be released throughout the next year.  :o)  No code necessary, just add both hats to your cart, and the discount will be taken automatically.  The discount will be good for previous purchases, also, so if you're just feeling one of the hats for now, the discount will be honored if you ever decide to purchase the other later.  

I think my favorite pictures always end up being the outtake photos.  ;op  So, here are a few of those for you guys.

Where am I even looking in that last picture??  Ah, well.  Whatever it was, I've already forgotten about it.  :op