norichan knits!

Zug zug

I've been working a lot lately.  Daily job has been getting busier (lots of people coming in makes for a constantly moving day), and when I have some spare time, I have been busy designing knits!

Right now, I'm still slowly trying to get my current designs all finished and converted over to a newer, cleaner look.  Once that is finished, I will have at least two more designs to test and self publish. And, in other exciting news, one of my patters will be published in a group publication around the end of February, and another pattern has been accepted for a yarn club!  I have submitted two more entries to another company, and am awaiting feedback on those.

My mind has been filled with fun ideas, and I can't wait to try them out.  It's hard to get any knitting of my own done with all these swatches to knit and design ideas to sketch!