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Japan Part 2

So, here we are... I think this represents the... third day of our stay while in Japan.  Miho took us to some popular sites in Tokyo.  If I'm not mistaken, you'd get off at the Harajuku station to see this.  
Can you believe there's a temple like this in the middle of Tokyo?  Beautiful grounds, quiet little retreat.  Apparently, one of the most popular locations for Tokyo natives to go for New Years.  It is the Meiji Shinto Shrine.
Before entering, one should cleanse your hands.
It is a very popular wedding spot.  There were two wedding processions while we were there!
Almost literally across the street from that quiet, serene shrine is one of the brightest and most crowded shopping streets in all of Tokyo!  Takeshita Dori!  (Most well known for having the Goth and Lolita dressing people walking up and down.)
And the popular Harajuku girls.
I did find this sweet little dress though!  One of my purchases of the trip that was for myself.  :o)
On the way home, we stopped at Shinjuku.  There's this delicious udon place there that I very highly recommend!!  Unfortunately, this sign might be all we have to go on for it.  But it's great.  They make your noodles fresh from scratch when you order!!  Mmmmm...