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Birthday Month!

I love October.  Some of the best weather happens in October.  You finally get that transition from summer into fall during October.  Even in my birth state of California, the evenings and mornings start to get a coolness to them, while the days stay nice and sunny.  Here in Texas, I thought summer was never going to end... and yet now, I'm leaving for work in the morning and I'm feeling the crispness in the air.  The humidity is starting to quiet down and the evenings are perfect for walking.  Yes, it is still 80s and 90s during the day, but it's not the overbearing heat that makes you dread being outside anymore.  October really does bring fall into play.

The other reason I love October is because it's my birthday month!  To celebrate this awesome month, I'm going to be selling my patterns at 50% off!  All you need to do is use the coupon code "october" when checking out.  And, as an extra bonus, I will be releasing a free pattern in the middle of the month!
Marisol Cowl
Sockie Sock
Bohemian Cowl (knitted)