norichan knits!

Brea Purse

My friend and I are knitting this purse together.  It's kinda like a mini KAL of two people.  We live about 2000 miles apart, so this is one of those ways that we can sorta feel like we are still able to hang out.  Anyways, here is my WIP pic.
Pattern:  Brea Purse
Yarn:  Stitchjones Worsted in colorway October

I am loving the pattern!  So fast and easy.  The fabric is nice and dense.  I may still go ahead and line it, though.  If I had one critique about the pattern, it's that it has come out way smaller than expected, so I probably would go up a needle size or two for the next time I do this.  I'm thinking of doing a deep royal purple colored liner.  And I'm undecided if I want to just to a single button or what for the closure.  I typically like a more secure purse, but it is a small purse... and I'm not an experienced sewer at all.  But I have to finish knitting the pieces before I will make that decision anyways.  I've got both sides completed, just need to do the gusset.  :o)