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New Spindle!

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I recently re-discovered my love for spinning on a spindle.  Because of this, I have gone crazy over buying spindles.  My most recent purchase was off of etsy from Spinatude.  I heard of her resin spindles, but had never seen any before.  Then I discovered she was from Texas, and then I figured I should check out her shop.  Cause the only thing better than supporting an indie is supporting a local indie maker!  I was SO excited when I found this spindle:
And next thing I knew, it was in my cart and I had bought it.  It just arrived today, and it is everything I imagined.  It sparkles when spun, and does seem to spin remarkably well balanced.  I am searching for just the right sparkley fiber to start on it.  When I do, I'll take a pic to show everyone.  :oD