norichan knits!


Wow, wish I could have made this announcement earlier... but having a new cat that loves to be the center of attention and having gotten home just recently... Well, that didn't make for very good computer time.  Every time I tried to do anything, she would walk all over my computer.  So, slight delay, but without further ado, here is my newest release:
Libelula!  Spanish for dragonfly.  Designing this shawl took a bit more effort than my previous patterns.  I designed it to be a part of Stitch Jones's Yarnageddon Club.  Spots are still available for 2013 through the end of January!  :oD

It only takes about 400 yards of fingering weight; I used Stitch Jones sock yarn (colorway Salmon Dave).  It is a nice alternative to shawlettes for those skeins of sock yarn, as it is longer, more similar to a scarf, but gently crescent shaped, such that it can be wrapped around you without the necessity of a shawl pin.

I hope you all like it, and I would love to see your version!  :o)  Send me pictures of your version if you decide to knit one up!