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Vivian Colorway

This is a post very close to my heart.  My kitty, Vivian, passed away earlier this summer.  It still makes me sad to think about... but this post is not about that exactly.  This post is about this:

Vivian has been turned into a colorway by Bohemia Fibers!!  It thrills me to see that my kitty has been captured in such a meaningful way to me.  I can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep so that I can work on a project that I can snuggle up with and remember her with.

I am hoping to do a Hemlock Ring Blanket with the yarn, but I will have to test it out in a variegated colorway to ensure it isn't too much.  I would like to know how big the blanket really is before starting it also.  Hmmm... Will def be checking out more blanket patterns.  Any suggestions?  :o)