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Thrown off Track!!

Woow!  Who knew going back to Cali (visiting family for a wedding and staying for a week for fun) and then driving back (Wow!  That drive is sooo much longer from SF than from Athens, GA!!) and then having a good friend of 16 years stay for a few days would wipe me out so much!  I guess I truly understand the meaning of "I need a vacation from my vacation" now!

Anyways, I went to Austin's Craft Riot show this past weekend, and while I was mildly disappointed by the size of the show, it still had a good amount of fun stuff!  I loved a lot of stuff there, but ended up with a cutesy acrylic ring and a wooden pendant from nom nom.  Couldn't find the pendant on her etsy shop, but here's a pic of the ring I got.
I got the sweet raccoon one!
And the other awesome news is that in December, there is a 13 day craft and fine arts show called the Armadillo Bazaar!  I can't wait!  Looks like I can put off my Christmas shopping till the last minute.  ;o)  I've done the vast majority for the past few years of my Christmas gifts from etsy or small businesses (with a few handmade gifts thrown in too), and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.  It'll be even more fun to get to support local indie businesses this year.  :o)  Can't wait!