norichan knits!

Ravellenic Games Shawl

So, this shawl (test knit, so no pattern link yet!) is my official Ravellenic Games knit.  I think it is obtainable, even without me knitting non-stop the entire time.  Which is good, because I have been busy with doing the finer details of unpacking (now rearranging things to be more aesthetic vs placing things so they can just fit inside), applying for jobs and introducing myself around town, and soon I will be heading to my home town to visit with family and old friends... yay!
I started with completely different colors, and I really wasn't very fond of them.  So, I stash dived again, and I found the lavender seen in the pic.  I did have to go purchase the darker purple, but I think that it's turning out so much nicer.  I love the way the pattern is turning out!  I love it when things work out perfectly!  :oD