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Burger Joint Found!

Wow, that was quick.  Decided to try local chain (about 6 different locations in Austin) called P.Terry's.  Got to test drive the ketchup holder... yes, it did work, be sure to only pull on 1/2 of the folds, otherwise it will be completely flat.  Triple the amount of ketchup tho!!  :oD
Anyways, going back to P.Terry's.  Their basic burger is $2.00!  Cheeseburger is $2.25!  They also have a chicken burger, veggie burger, and a double burger.  All under $4.00.  A meal is $5-7.  The fries that come with the meal are made from potatoes they cut there on site and fried in pure canola oil (not trans fats which are typical for fries).  And you think, $2.00, how good can that be?  It was real angus beef made from beef they ground themselves, organic tomatoes grown locally, buns crafted locally... their orange juice and lemonade is fresh squeezed!  And, to complete the story, they pay above minimum wage for their employees.  I am thoroughly impressed by this place, and there is one about 10 blocks away from our apartment.  I will go back and try it again to ensure that it is consistent, but for now, I am convinced that I found a decent inexpensive place.  Yay!