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Oma's Winter Bonnet

Well, I have had a couple false starts with the Ravellenic Games, but I am making some progress on some projects that are unrelated.  This project does not count for the Games as I started it prior.  I am test knitting another Raveler's pattern.  The story is so sweet, as this is actually her Oma's pattern.  Her Oma has Alzheimer's and so she wrote down a lot of notes to remind her how to make the bonnet.  The current designer decided to take those notes and turn it into a bonafide pattern.  The pattern is not yet released.  I believe this is the "designer's" first attempt at writing a pattern, so there were a lot of questions that had to be asked before it was perfectly clear.  Nothing an intermediate and beyond knitter would need to ask, but a beginner who has just finished a couple projects including a hat might get tripped up over some of the details that were missing.  The pattern is written in 4 different sizes:  baby, toddler/child, small adult/teen, and adult woman.
I decided to test the "teen" size and love how it's coming out.  I have tried it on, and, alas, it fits, but is snug.  There goes my dreams of wearing this around my non-existent garden pretending to be a farm girl... And just to clarify, it's my fault for choosing the wrong size, not the pattern's fault.  I typically would choose a 20" hat to get some negative ease for a beanie.  I should have realized that a bonnet is not the same as a beanie.

I'll update with links once the pattern is ready.  :o)  Happy knitting and/or watching the Olympics!