norichan knits!

Knitting Classes

I've been teaching knitting at a local yarn store in the area I live.  It's been just about the funnest "job" I've ever had.  I had 7 people in the true beginners class, and out of those students, 5 of them stayed for the next level!  It's such an honor to see that they really enjoyed it enough to want to stay.  :o)

The most rewarding part of teaching knitting is to see the "aha" moments of when they really get what they are doing.  Or having them see what a knit stitch is and what a purl stitch is.  Of course, some people don't quite click with it, but the majority of people do after a little bit.

I am currently debating what I want to do for the next class.  A few of the students would like to take on another level of knitting.  They have so far conquered CO (long tail), the knit stitch, the purl stitch, BO (generic k2, pull stitch over the other), and have completed a scarf.  They are currently working on knitting in the round and decreases (k2tog).  Next class I will be showing:  ssk as well as increases (yo, M1, kfb).

I'm thinking a simple cowl would be a good step for them.  I wanted to use Marisol, but I am now thinking that it may be too complicated at this point in time since some of them are still trying to figure out how to read directions.  I am in the process of deciding if I should design a cowl for them that introduces a very easy lace pattern, or if there's another good pattern or idea out there.

I am loving how happy the students are learning how to knit, and I am now wondering why I didn't try doing this before!  Can't wait for the next class!  :oD