norichan knits!

Recent Published Patterns

I'd like to introduce you to some patterns I wrote and published on Ravelry!

First is my newest pattern designed for Sock Summit 2011.  This was designed in Stitch Jones Titanium Sock with inspiration from the worlds biggest sock knitting convention and by Portland, OR.  It would seem that Portlandia has made the idea that Portland just likes to "put a bird on it" and call it art.  Well, Portland also hosts Sock Summit, and so why can't we "put a sock on it" and call it a Sockie Sock (ravelry link)?  The sock is designed on a tight gauge for consideration of how it will wear, and also to help the stitch pattern really pop.  My test knitter told me that they are her best fitting pair of socks she's ever made!  These socks would be fine for an intermediate knitter, and I'd say would be easy enough for a beginner sock knitter.
The second pattern here to show you is one I designed a few years ago, and has been up on Ravelry before.  It was previously published on, but unfortunately, that website has been removed.  Therefore, I revamped the pattern, and it is now available on Ravelry in pdf format.  Here is Bubbles Scarf:
Both of these patterns can also be found on etsy.  :o)